George Kenney

George received an M.S. Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Stanford University and later received an M.B.A. at Columbia University. He has over 10 years of Wall Street experience including time as a Chief Investment Officer at the American Stock Exchange. He is the Managing Director of Shepherd Ventures which invested in 18 companies and founded Boot Camp which has graduated over 24 companies through Boot Camp, helping most to raise money

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Rob Kramarz

Rob received his education in Physics and Environmental Studies from CalTech and obtained a B.A. in Psychology and Education from UC Santa Cruz. He has 27 years in corporate educational programs, over 20 years in venture capital and investments, received the 2011 Angel Investor Award, and Executive Director of Intelliversity. CEO’s draw on Rob’s extensive experience to Fund Their Dreams

Mission & Vision

Attractive investments have passionate and experienced management teams, compelling value propositions and extraordinary upside potential. George founded Startup Funding Boot Camp in order to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to build this image to attract the investors they need. We add value with hands-on shepherding by providing extensive operating experience, network introductions and strategic partnerships to make you successful

Learn to Think Like an Investor

The Startup Funding Boot Camp program was developed by George Kenney, Shepherd Ventures’ Founding Partner. Shepherd Ventures is a venture capital fund that has invested in 18 companies in information technology and life sciences. Of his 18 investments, only 33% failed compared to the industry average of 80% failure. George has cracked the code of what makes a company and CEO successful in raising capital and achieving a profitable exit. He and the team will share these secrets to help you Fund Your Dreams!

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